First Contact


S. is flying to China on Saturday. He will meet his new colleagues for the first time. He needs to practice his cross cultural introductions.

I trust we will make a good team. I hope we’ll be able to work well together.

  1. Question it!
    ~ Say it:I trust we will make a good team. I hope we'll be able to work well together.
    ~ Question the text
    ~ What does he trust they will make? Answer: a good team.
    ~ What kind of team does he trust they’ll make? Answer: a good one.
    ~ How does he hope they’ll be able to work together? Answer: well.

  2. Work on it!
    ~ Make a new sentence changing the subject and object of ‘went up’
    ~ Find another subject of ‘work’
    ~ Your answer:
    ~ Find a modifier of ‘work’
    ~ Your answer:
    ~ Find another sentence-object of ‘trust’
    ~ Your answer:

  3. Get ready for it!
    ~ Place, time, characters and situation
    ~ Place:
    ~ A project kick off meeting
    ~ Time:
    ~ Ten o’clock in the morning
    ~ Characters:
    ~ You and your new client
    ~ Situation:
    ~ Explain your hopes for the new joint venture.
    ~ Example:
    ~ It’s a pleasure to work with you on this project
    It’s a pleasure being able to work with you
    I understand that …
    I thought it would be a good idea to …
    He suggested we talk together.
    I imagine we will touch base later.
    I understand that we will be working together.
    I would appreciate it if we could meet to discuss…
    May I ask you to …
    It has been a pleasure talking with you.

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