Luxury likes and dislikes


Beatrice only uses English in a monthly meeting at work. She wants to improver her English for her private life and overall professional development. "I enjoy drinking[^1] champagne at New Year. My boyfriend doesn't like drinking it. He thinks it's too fizzy. So I asked him whether[^1] he wanted wine or beer." ### Explained: Hamburger or hotdog? Lobster or veal[^3]? What to say when you are asked what you like or don't like. ### Trained: I like eating veal with white wine. I prefer drinking red wine with lobster. He asked me if I preferred caesar salad, tomato salad or seafood salad.
They discussed whether to order crab or shrimp cocktail for starters.
Do you like eating potato skins? Or do you prefer having mashed potato with your meat?

~ Tom asked Harry whether/if he had read the newspaper.

However, after certain verbs and constructions, only ‘whether’ may be used, after the verbs ‘advise,’ ‘discuss’ and ‘consider.’
~ Ben and Julie discussed whether they should buy a new car.

‘Whether’ must be used before infinitives.
~ They talked about whether to get a convertible or a pick-up.

‘Whether’ must be used before the construction ‘or not.’
~ She wanted to know whether or not he was coming.

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