Do you eat meat?


Antonio wants to improve his general language level and especially his understanding. Today the focus is reformulation[1].


~ “Do you eat meat?”
~ “Are you asking if I am a vegetarian?”

In the UK we eat turkey at Christmas.

~ Do you mean Turkey like the country?
~ Yes, but you can’t eat a country! The animal is spelt with a small ‘t’: t.u.r.k.e.y.

~ Do you take ice in your drink?
~ I understand the word ‘ice’ but I don’t understand if you mean wine, beer, coca cola etc?
Are you asking me if I take ice in my wine like a Spritzer[1]? Or are you asking if I drink whiskey on the rocks?

~ Do you drink whiskey with a chaser[2]?
~ So the chaser is like a beer you drink with whiskey?

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  1. a mixture of wine and soda water.

  2. a strong alcoholic drink taken after a weaker one: “drinking pints of bitter with vodka chasers”