Dear Student,

My credo is 'Your professional English, explained and trained.' My training model is task-based, a model based on a powerful pedagogy of knowledge, skills and attitude. Knowledge: I measure gaps in your knowledge against an internationally recognised baseline. Skills: I evaluate how well you work in the foreign language and give you feedback to identify your gaps and misconceptions. I set you next step feedforward goals to work towards. Attitudes: You believe in yourself as you train to speak English credibly in real world goals. You develop confidence in the training process as your training becomes inseparable from your workplace tasks. In the task-based approach, there is no transfer gap between what you learn and how you use it. Your training is perfectly adapted to your personal and professional circumstances. You will extend the horizon of your potential as you participate in a continual loop of self-evaluation, trainer feedback and feedforward and task setting. Join me on a journey of your professional English, explained and trained!

Yours, Jason.

Your Professional English Explained, and Trained!